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Latest version: 4.1
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Much useful information regarding JOSSO 1.8 and 2.2 has been updated. Also, the whole content is restructured with new illustrations that allows administrators to follow more easily.

4.1 Contextual properties

This new topic introduces the Contextual Properties feature that allows portlets to access navigational parameters (for example, page URL, site name) in a natural and simple way, just similar to accessing public render parameters.

4.1 Content form

This is the combination of former sections: Content type and Content template. Now, you can follow all steps here to create your own content form, from its nodetype to templates.

4.1 Portlet CSS

Step-by-step instructions that allow you to write CSS for your portlet project.

4.1 Limiting the size of uploaded files

Have you ever changed the default limit size for files to be uploaded into Documents or Sites Explorer? If so, simply follow this new tutorial.

4.1 Creating page container template

This section has been updated with new steps, useful explanations and illustrations. Now, you can create a page container template and see its effect on your page.

4.1 Creating a new site

The whole content has been rewritten with detailed steps that allow you to successfully create your site.

4.1 Portlet preferences

In this totally new section, you will know how to create preferences in eXo portlets that are not user-specific.

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