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Latest version: 4.1
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| Nov 13, 2014
4.1 eXo Add-ons Guide

In this new guide, each chapter collects all information about an add-on productised by eXo that is needed for administrators, developers or users. In this deployment, you can start learning about Video Calls, Crash and CMIS. Remember that this guide is in development phrase, so feel free to give your feedback.

4.1 eXo Add-ons - Developer Guide

The previous Chapter 2. eXo Platform Extensions is now replaced with this new chapter. With the current content, you will have knowledge of techniques commonly used when developing an add-on. We have plan to improve this chapter in next deployments, so don't hesitate to give your request for any new content or updates.

4.1 Database

Content and structure of the database configuration have already been improved that is much easier to follow.

4.1 Injecting a portlet using Dynamic Container

Introduction to Dynamic Container - the new feature that allows injecting portlets to all pages of a site without modifying the shared layout.

4.1 Shared JCR index in cluster mode

As of 4.1, the eXo Platform cluster uses local JCR index by default. Follow this section if you want to change it to the shared index.

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