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Latest version: 4.1
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| Feb 12, 2015
4.1 eXo Add-ons Guide

To make clear for users, we have updated the Client Setup with more details for Windows 7 and MAC. Also, one new tutorial named Placing a call button in your application has been added that instructs developers to place the Call button somewhere. And the last is MongoDB of Chat - click here, then move to Secured MongoDB and try following new steps stated.

4.1 Outgoing mail service - Administrator Guide

To avoid confuse, this part has already been restructured with a Gmail-specific part. In particular, you now can first learn the default configuration of an email sending service, then practice by following the sample that uses Gmail as your SMTP server.

4.1 JCR index in cluster mode

In eXo Platform 4.1 cluster, the default JCR indexing strategy has changed (SHARED in 4.0 but LOCAL in 4.1 by default). For ones who upgrade to 4.1, notice updates on Migrating eXo Platform cluster 4.0 to 4.1 also.

4.1 JODConverter configuration

As of 4.1, JODConverter is configured only in exo.properties, so there is no longer overlap with customized scripts. The variable EXO_JODCONVERTER_OFFICEHOME becomes obsolete, so check the section for the new configuration pattern.

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