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Latest version: 4.2
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| May 14, 2015
4.2 Using AJAX and HTML DOM Object

This new section instructs you how to leverage AJAX and HTML DOM Object when customizing your gadget in eXo Platform.

4.2 & 4.1 Chat add-on - server setup

If you are using Chat add-on 1.0.1 or later, pay attention that the path of chat.properties has changed. The new path should be gatein/conf/chat.properties in Tomcat or standalone/configuration/gatein/chat.properties in JBoss.

4.2 JODConverter configuration

Very small updates but not at least important about the fact that JODConverter does not connect to LibreOffice 4 on Windows.

4.2 Chapter. Single Sign-On

The content of two new SSO frameworks (JOSSO and SAML2) has been updated, as add-ons. By following explanations and detailed instructions here, you will find easy when integrating these SSO frameworks with eXo Platform.

4.2 Building an online community

If you are still confused when building a site that is similar to our Community site, this new tutorial is for you. With step-by-step instructions and illustrations, you will know how to allow your users to register by themselves, or to publish some pages, such as Forum.

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