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Version in progress: 4.3
Last Updated  
| Nov 16th, 2015
4.2 Upgrading Native Installer

One new part for upgrading Native Installer has been added. Check out this guide to know how to upgrade to a new installation.

4.3 Disable User

As of eXo Platform 4.3, as an administrator you can enable or disable a user in the Manage Users page. Also, some changes on the disabled accounts have been introduced here that you should be aware.

4.3 Document Versioning

Now, this feature has been improved in a far more intuitive manner. Accordingly, this guide has been updated somewhere in both User and Administrator guides.

4.3 Documents Sharing

With the new Share button, you can share a document directly in the Documents application. By following steps here, you will find it easy to share your document with one or multiple spaces to which you belong.

4.3 Forgot Password

eXo Platform 4.3 now gives you the ability to reset your password in case you forget it. By entering the username or your account's email in the Password Reset form, you will receive the reset link in your email.

4.3 Video Calls 1.3

Changes on Video Calls 1.3 that is compatible with eXo Platform 4.3 have been updated. Now you can receive and hold calls in a separate browser window.

4.3 JSF2 portlet with CDI

Currently you could not use JSF together with CDI in Tomcat, so this new tutorial is for JBoss. With detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions here, you will learn the basic CDI via an example, in which you use @Inject annotation, with some Scopes and Qualifiers.

4.3 Social REST API

In Developer Guide, this topic introduces the ability to work with Social data models via CRUD operations, and some examples of what your client can feature using the API. With a series of tutorials here, you will learn data models, access permission and Java/JavaScript code samples to use the API. Also, to further learn methods provided by Social REST API, check out this link.

4.3 Clustering

As of eXo Platform 4.3, the cluster mode is supported for Tomcat also. Check out this chapter for updates on both Tomcat and JBoss.

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