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Version in progress: 4.2
Last Updated  
| June 25th, 2015
4.2 Extending notification system

This tutorial instructs how to to create a new notification channel and a new notification type via a complete sample extension.

4.2 Overriding user profile design

This tutorial instructs how to override portlets on the user profile page with your own templates.

4.2 Open in Office configuration

This part is for administrators that instructs how to configure the file types associated with the application named as in "Open in Word" and set a new label via exo.properties.

4.2 Chapter. Clustering

To make the On-site notification (new feature of 4.2) work properly in a cluster environment, there are some extra steps to configure CometD Oort. Check out the link above to see updates you need when setting up eXo Platform cluster.

4.2 Using AJAX and HTML DOM Object

This new section instructs how to leverage AJAX and HTML DOM Object when customizing your gadget in eXo Platform.

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