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Version in progress: 4.2
Last Updated  
| Oct 1st, 2015
4.2 Wiki macro

eXo Platform uses XWiki engine, so you can develop and use macros completely following the XWiki approach. This new tutorial will give you some code samples, XWiki reference and version-compatibility information.

4.2 Properties reference

If you want to learn about configuration properties set in eXo Platform quickly, start with the new reference page. Here is a summary of configurations exposed via exo.properties.

4.2 Jobs and Job Scheduler

We finally can document the JobSchedulerService, the jobs it manages and the way to suspend/resume jobs via JMX. Check this guide for more details.

4.2 Using Native installer

One more option for users when they install eXo Platform on Windows, Mac and Linux. Native installers now are provided that package Apache Web Server, PostgreSQL, JVM, and eXo Platform together. Follow this guide if you do not want to lose time fighting through a jungle of configuration files.

4.2 Youtube integration

Instruction to enable the Youtube integration using a YouTube V3 API Key via exo.properties.

4.2 Calendar Rest API

Quick introduction about Calendar Rest API with some useful tips for using the service. And in the next tutorials, you will learn the access permission and Java/JavaScript code samples to use the API. Note that this guide is under review, so we are very delighted to get any feedback from you.

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