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Latest version: 4.1
Recently Updated 08/10/2014
4.1 Configuration

The new part named Configuration overview with the whole updated content in this chapter will instruct you how to override or extend the eXo Platform configurations via exo.properties.

4.1 Clustering

By going through the newly added and modified content here, your tasks of clustering configuration is now much easier.

4.1 Upgrade

As of 4.1-RC1, the upgrade process is much simpler - no need to activate manually necessary plugins like before. Instead, simply locate the sample upgrade file regarding the version you want to upgrade, and rename it into upgrade.properties.

4.1 Add-ons Management

This new chapter gives you the basic understanding of add-on and the standard way to control add-ons by using the eXo Add-ons Manager. You will know how to install/uninstall add-ons, to view all available add-ons or to see information of an individual add-on.

4.1 Portlet CSS

Step-by-step instructions that allow you to write CSS for your portlet project.

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