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Latest version: 4.2
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| April 23, 2015
4.2 Chapter. Single Sign-On

The content of two new SSO frameworks (JOSSO and SAML2) has been updated, as add-ons. By following explanations and detailed instructions here, you will find integrating these SSO frameworks with eXo Platform.

4.2 Building an online community

If you are still confused when building a site that is similar to our Community site, this new tutorial is for you. With step-by-step instructions and illustrations, you will know how to allow your users to register by themselves, or to publish some pages, such as Forum.

4.2 eXo Mobile Guide

We would like to introduce the Mobile user guide. The applications have been available for iPhone, iPad and Android long time ago and the Mobile team provided a guideline in our Wiki. Now it's time to bring it to you on eXo Documentation Website.

4.2 Skin module

This new part introduces you to Skin module that allows you to modify the entire skin of eXo Platform by updating a few variables in a unique .less file. Also, one new part named Creating a new skin add-on will give you all steps to create a new skin add-on easily. And the last part named Best practices is where you can find useful tips for customizing the eXo Platform skin.

4.2 Spring MVC portlet

As of eXo Platform 4.2, Spring MVC portlet is officially supported. Check this new tutorial that introduces basics of the framework by examples. If you are already familiar with the framework, don't miss the tip about the web.xml that helps you deploy it in the JBoss package.

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