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4.0 Using Public render parameters

A new tutorial that provides necessary knowledge and steps for you to use built-in Public render parameters or to create a new custom one into eXo Platform 4.

4.0 Defining labels and icons

This section has been reorganized and rewritten. Customizing labels and icons into eXo Platform becomes much simpler when you follow this new content.

4.0 JSF2 example using the JBoss Portlet Bridge

The Portlet Bridge extension has been removed from the package and from Administrator Guide too. Now you will refer to GateIn Reference Guide for how to package a JSF2 portlet and deploy it into eXo Platform.

4.0 Configuring the OpenAM server

Now, you are able to configure the OpenAM server easily, especially when doing the Authentication plugin setup and configuring realm in OpenAM UI.

4.0 Creating a portlet

A note that you may not be aware when creating a new portlet in the JBoss bundle has been added.

4.0 Platform User Guide

Many minor changes, including UI, labels and forms, have been made.

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