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Latest version: 4.1
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| Jan 07, 2015
4.1 eXo Add-ons - Developer Guide

In this chapter, Publishing has been restructured into 2 clear parts: Registering an add-on in the centralized catalog and Using your customized catalog. Also, a new tutorial Adding a supported language instructs you to extend the supported languages by portal extension.

4.1 eXo Add-ons Guide

One new chapter for ACME add-on has been included in this guide. You will find all information, from installation/uninstallation (for administrators) to common Content features (for site readers and editors) and customization topics (for developers).

4.1 JODConverter configuration

As of 4.1, JODConverter is configured only in exo.properties, so there is no longer overlap with customized scripts. The variable EXO_JODCONVERTER_OFFICEHOME becomes obsolete, so check the section for the new configuration pattern.

4.1 Chapter. Configuration

This chapter is updated to adapt new naming of externalized properties. Also, do not miss a new configuration for Unified Search, that is exo.unified-search.excluded-characters.

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